Project Description

Do you know how many countries and individuals are included in OFAC, U.N. and EU sanctions lists? We didn’t know either, up until we started working on Sanctions eLearning course for Luminor bank.

Sanctions training is an important part of compliance training for any financial institution. This course covers sanctions, their purpose, types of sanctions, institutions imposing sanctions and other related topics. In this training, our goal was to draw very clear picture of why sanctions compliance is important, what each employee of the bank can do to help to achieve sanctions compliance, where to look for support in sanctions related areas. To make this training more engaging, we included some “fun facts” about sanctions, gave practical case studies and questions related to sanctions area.

Why do we love this training? The course is quite “information heavy”, but at the same time it includes entertaining elements and is very relatable to learner’s day-to-day job.

 Type: elearning

 Tools: Articulate Rise, Articulate Storyline

 Client: Luminor

 Languages: English, Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian