Project Description

Together with Tesonet team we spent a couple of months developing content and exercises for their information security training. Our goal was to present this serious topic in a fun and engaging manner, encourage employees to pay attention to information security threats, and report potential incidents.

How did we do achieve it?

  • To increase learner engagement, we converted theory into questions and exercises.
  • We included gamification elements and several fun exercises. For example, to teach about the dangers of piggybacking, we created an exercise, where you are the “piggybacker”, trying to sneak into an office.
  • We used a lot of original illustrations, developed especially for this project.
  • We used friendly, informal language.
  • We used a lot of examples and case studies from both client company and other organizations.
  • We presented some surprising and little-known facts from IT security (for example, how many passwords are leaked yearly).

Project in numbers:

  • Exercises – 14
  • Fun gamified activities – 3
  • Illustrations – approximately 100
  • Examples and case studies – 10
Would you like to try it yourself? If you are using an Android phone, check what permissions you’ve granted to the most popular apps. You can try this demo exercise here.

 Type: e-learning

 Client: Tesonet

 Tools: Articulate Rise, Articulate Storyline

 Link: secure apps.

 Language: English