Project Description

Sometimes you just want to play around with your work tools and create something just because it’s fun. Here is one of those examples – a simple game that will help you (or your children) deepen your knowledge of Lithuanian geography.

The idea is simple – drag the Lithuanian cities to their locations on a map. To make the training more interesting, we added several gamification elements (points, levels, and badges). The more accurately you drag, the more points you will get. To advance to a more difficult level, you must score a certain amount of points. After the last level, you get your overall rating.

How many points will you get?

What do we like about this training? This is a great demonstration of how incorporating game elements into training can motivate learners and increase training effectiveness. What happens when you don’t pass a level? You try again. What happens if you only reach the “high-school student” level at the end of the exercise? You click the “Retry” button. You learn because you want to pass and collect as many points as possible, not because someone is telling you to do it. Just imagine how boring it would be to learn the same topic by looking at a map. After all, playing is always more fun than learning.

How can you use gamification in on-the-job training? Try this example and write your feedback to us, and we will help you to apply gamification principles in your next training project.

 Type: gamified e-learning

 Tools: Articulate Storyline

 Link: Lithuania cities

 Languages: Lithuanian, English