Project Description

Teaching soft skills using elearning is not an easy task, but we had a brilliant idea how to enhance live training with some blended learning elements. Together with our partners Good People, we created simulated feedback situations. Our idea was to help learners practice feedback skills in a safe environment.

Each simulation is a small micro-learning module, where you will be placed in a real-life scenario. When making your choices, you will receive immediate feedback in the form of explanations and/or response from your virtual employee. Branching scenarios allowed us to create micro-learning with multiple possible outcomes and each of them provide slightly different learning opportunities.

We believe that practice makes perfect. These types of micro-learning modules can greatly enhance training outcomes by giving opportunity to practice and refresh classroom training material.

Why do we love this training? It’s quick, engaging and effective. Zero theory, you are learning from real-life situations.

You can check it out here.

 Type: elearning, simulation

 Tools: Articulate Rise, Articulate Storyline

 Partners: Good People

 Link: Feedback simulation

 Language: Lithuanian